22/05/2013 19:41

No Fluff Wiredtree Hosting


The previous week I commenced utilizing WiredTree Hosting. I won't be taken aback if people were not conscious of the move as it was much sleeker than the uptime at A2 Hosting, the host we made use of prior to this. I was apprehensive that the relocation of our website to a different web server would be a huge turmoil so I postponed it for months.When I at last took the plunge, I realized that I was being troubled needlessly, because WiredTree's assistance personnel gave such first class guidance and help.
I had been using A2 Hosting's services for more than a year. We were not satisfied with them in any way as their downtime was unacceptable and the quality of their service crew was poor. But because their price were inexpensive and also because of being concerned over the relocation, we endured them. What drew us to A2 Hosting were the very cheap plans which were allegedly unrestricted (we will talk at length about this we will talk at length about this afterwards). Monthly we needed only to fork out under $10.
And where the relocation was concerned, despite my being computer-savvy, the idea of the relocation from one hosting server to the other made me very stressed. What increased the worry was that we were also shifting from shared hosting to a virtual private server. Since I know nothing about server procedures, it looked like a chancy and time-consuming proposition. Running a law practice full-time left me with almost no time for web-based work and absolutely no time for the tricky field of hosting operations.
We did not mind A2 Hostings lacks as a result of their price and as a result of our stress of the transition. A2 Hosting informed us that the plan we purchased was an limitless one but they lately informed us that we were utilizing too many information on that plan. I'm still baffled about what A2 Hosting believes as too much information being utilized on their unrestricted plan. The decision was finally forced upon us and A2 Hosting informed us we had one week to look for and shift to another server.WiredTree was introduced to me by somebody.
This evaluation is solely founded on my experience alone and so, this may not be the case for other clients.
It's no surprise that they are one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. I would endorse WiredTree to those who need a VPS or a dedicated server. Everything has run smoothly for me and my online business over the two years that I've been with them.
The cost is five times what A2 Hosting offered but as soon as we employed WiredTree's services, we could see the big contrast. I was reassured by WiredTrees impressive security and help that we'd taken the right step. In only a few minutes, I got a response for for my support tickets at WiredTree, whereas A2 Hosting needed hours to do so. I even received a telephone call to make sure my order. (Real, living people answering phones!)
It didn't require much time for the move to finalize with one of the service staff helping me through every stage from copying our old host, relocating it and our website names to the latest one. All told, it had taken not quite an hour of my time. Even if you are a technophobe, I am certain that WiredTree could get you relocated-or just launched and established in the first place-quickly. Our move was so effortless that in all probability no one detected. We have virtually no misgivings with our selection of our new host, WiredTree.